Young women trafficked to China to be brides and held until they give birth, report says

Date: Fri March 22, 2019
By: James Griffiths, CNN

(CNN)Seng Moon was an impoverished refugee in an internal displaced person (IDP) camp in northeastern Myanmar when her sister-in-law convinced her to cross the border into China to find a job.

She passed out on the car journey after being given a travel sickness pill. When Seng Moon awoke her hands were tied behind her back. Her sister-in-law was gone and she was alone with a Chinese family.

After several months, Seng Moon’s sister-in-law returned and told her she was to be married to a Chinese man.

This went on for two months, until Seng Moon was dragged from the room and finally introduced to the man who had been abusing her for weeks.

She says the man’s father told her this was her husband, and advised them to build a family.