Xi protesters in London arrested, homes searched

Taipei Times
Date:  Oct 25, 2015
By: The Guardian, LONDON

Dissidents from China and Tibet have accused UK police of significant overreaction after they

Tibetan independence flag
Tibetan independence flag

were arrested under public order laws and had their houses searched following peaceful protests against visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平).

Shao Jiang (邵江), a survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre now based in the UK, said he was shocked to be tackled by police after holding placards in front of Xi’s motorcade in London, and to learn his home had been searched and computers seized while he was in custody.

“It feels like it was when I was in China,” Shao said.

“Then, every time I was arrested the Chinese police would search my rooms and take things. It reminded me of that,” he added.

Tibetan exile groups have also reacted with anger following the arrest of two women shortly after Shao for waving a Tibetan flag near Xi’s car, and had their homes searched while they were under arrest.