World War Three: Safest countries with bunkers as tensions escalate between China and US

WW3 is a concern for many Britons as tensions between key global powers escalate. The relationship between the USA and China is particularly fraught right now – so where are the safest countries with bunkers to escape to in the event of World War Three?

Date: May 4, 2019
By: Harriet Mallinson

WW3 is a huge worry and with global tensions rising between the USA and China, World War 3could be around the corner. The relationship between the two superpowers has become increasingly strained in recent weeks. This follows the transit of two US Navy destroyers through the Taiwan straight and a threat by the head of the US Navy to target unarmed Chinese vessels. The Assistant Secretary of Defence has responded by saying a new Indo-Pacific strategy will be launched in May.

So as concerns about the threat of World War Three augment – where are the safest countries in the world which have bunkers?    [FULL  STORY]