With Xi Jinping Centre On Diplomatic Thought, Chinese President is the new Mao

The Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought will work on Xi’s doctrine to give Beijing its guide to handle foreign affairs

Hindustan Times
Date: Jul 21, 2020
By: Shishir Gupta, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

President Xi is the only Chinese leader other than Mao Zedong to have his doctrine incorporated into the party constitution while in office(Agencies)

Chinese Communist Party General secretary and PLA commander-in-chief Xi Jinping became paramount leader of the Middle Kingdom in 2012. That President Xi thought himself second to none in the Chinese communist pantheon that includes founding father Mao Zedong and economic revivalist Deng Xiaoping became evident on Monday when the Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought was inaugurated within China’s foreign ministry.

Foreign minister Wang Yi, who inaugurated the center in Beijing, said Xi’s diplomatic doctrine embodies 21st century Marxism and transcends traditional theories regarding international relations, Wang said, describing Xi’s doctrine as the ultimate guiding principle for Chinese diplomacy.

According to China watchers, the new institute of research into Xi Jinping’s thought virtually places him on par with founding father Mao Zedong who led the cultural revolution in the Middle Kingdom that snuffed out millions of lives. Mao’s thought was incorporated into the Communist Party of China’s charter in 1945.

In October 2017, Xi Jinping was the first Chinese leader since Mao to have had an eponymous ideology included in the charter while in office. Deng’s name was added to the charter after his death in 1997.

Deng Xiaoping, the man who led the rise of China as an economic power, stands below the pedestal with his doctrine that put economic development at the centre of party work and provided the ideological roadmap for the modernization of the Chinese economy.

The research centre was opened around the time China is in confrontation mode with several countries

While the world sees Xi Jinping’s aggression in Ladakh and South China Sea as divergence from struggles within the party, this move clearly cements his position as the first and most powerful Chinese emperor.    [FULL  STORY]