Why do some people see China as an evil country?

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Brian Gray, the Marketing Sensei  Written 6 Mar, 2014

Some people might think of China as an “evil” country because of the govt’s lack of human rights, the rampant corruption that fuels the country, the lack of freedom of speech and information (and the great firewall of China), and they’ve also been known to sell weapons to people who use the weapons for genocides. (of course many countries are guilty of this, not just China).  Also, all the brain-washing, and the whole situation with Tibet doesn’t help their image much.  China is an amazing place with some amazing people though. Never judge the people based on the actions of their government.

Bin Luo, Native Chinese. Speak two dialects and mandarin.  Written 23 Mar, 2014

China has done terrible things in the past century. The Cultural Revolution forced thousands of ordinary Chinese to live like animals. Traditions were destroyed. The youth were brainwashed and they despised anything old and anybody educated.

The 1989 Tiananmen Square scene is still clear in many people’s mind. When human right violation happens in China, they would go back to the Tiananmen square and criticize how brutal China is.

The mass media have portrayed China as an evil country with its problems in human right, air pollution and autocracy.

The ideological differences might also be the reason. China is a socialist country. And socialism is more negative than positive in many capitalist countries.

Chinese government is very bad at image-building.

Daniel Wolf  Written 10 Jan, 2015

Well when you have people like Mao Zedong and it’s history with communism (Which is viewed as evil by most of the world) and human rights violations it can make a person think the country is evil.  You also have to remember when China annexed Tibet and Taiwan and how china refuses to give these two regions their independence.

Anonymous  Written 16 Jan, 2014

It was quite evil in the past decades. It is getting better though. Think about the 10-year Culture Revelution, the 3-year hundreds of millions were died from starving. The decades-long one-child policy,The government -controlled media and news, the still existed Great-Wall firewall, and the 2nd economy power in the world but still huge difference between the few rich and majority poor; the polluted air, water; the poisonous foods. the list can go on and on. We are looking forward to seeing the new leadership to turn the things around.

Shang lin Chen  Written 14 Feb, 2015

What is evil is the Chinese government, not the Chinese people. Sadly, lots of Chineses, with their washed brains, are not able to distinguish the government and the people, therefore are hurt when the evil government is critisized.

Faraday Dely  Written 15 Jul, 2013

…This question make me who born in China feel very uncomfortable.
China has many shortages in education, hygiene….but he also has 5000 years history, he is too old to keep up with the rest of the world. If there is enough time for you who regard China as a evil country to get a further understanding, and if there is enough time for China who is old and slow to become active and make you konw, I would like to show you around.
Trust me, China is not a evil country, he is just not ready.

Cai Yongjian  Written 15 Jul, 2013

I don’t know how to answer this question,but I feel every country has evil side, also has a good side.
So I hope you travel to china,and have yourself impression of China,not only listen other people.

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Dima Korolev  Written 13 Jan, 2014

I don’t today, but people used to flee it not too long ago.