White House Can’t Verify China’s Questionable COVID-19 Numbers

The Daily Signal
Date: April 01, 2020
By:Fred Lucas

President Trump speaks during the daily White House coronavirus press briefing while flanked by Attorney General William Barr April 1, 2020. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump said it’s difficult to know what the real number of COVID-19 cases in China is, but stressed the U.S. has a strong relationship with the country where the pandemic originated. 

“Their numbers seemed to be a little bit on the light side—I’m being nice when I say that—relative to what we witnessed and what was reported,” Trump said of the Chinese during the White House press briefing Wednesday evening on efforts to curb the coronavirus that causes the disease. 

“They will be spending $250 billion buying our products, $50 billion to the farmers … $200 billion to other things,” Trump said. “They never did that before. So, we have a great trade deal. We’d like to keep it. They’d like to keep it, and the relationship is good.”

“As to whether or not their numbers are accurate,” the president said, ” I’m not an accountant from China.”

China has reported having about 82,000 COVID-19 cases and fewer than 3,500 deaths. However, recent news reporting based on social media from China and photos indicates that more than 40,000 died from the coronavirus in the region around Wuhan, the city where the virus originated.