Virus Outbreak: Chinese issue fake apology for Taiwan

MISDIRECTION: Chinese social media users posing as Taiwanese have taken responsibility for racist attacks that the WHO’s head claimed originated in Taiwan

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 11, 2020
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau

Chinese posing as Taiwanese have issued online apologies to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for “personal attacks” and “racist abuse,” Taiwanese authorities said yesterday.

Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau officials presented the findings at a media briefing to rebut accusations by Tedros, who on Wednesday accused Taiwan of engaging in personal attacks against him.

Tedros said that he over the past three months received death threats and racist abuse, and claimed that it originated from Taiwan.

Within hours of Tedros’ remarks, Twitter accounts traced to China began posting apologies to the WHO head on behalf of the Taiwanese public, which were then circulated on Chinese social media, amplifying their reach, Cyber Security Office head Chang Yu-jen (張尤仁) said.