Vietnam builds military muscle to face China

Date: Dec 16, 2015
By: Greg Torode

Vietnam’s military is steeling itself for conflict with China as it accelerates a

Vietnam gets ready to strike back at China
Vietnam gets ready to strike back at China

decade-long modernization drive, Hanoi’s biggest arms buildup since the height of the Vietnam War.

The ruling Communist Party’s goal is to deter its giant northern neighbor as tensions rise over the disputed South China Sea, and if that fails, to be able to defend itself on all fronts, senior officers and people close to them told Reuters.

Vietnam’s strategy has moved beyond contingency planning. Key units have been placed on “high combat readiness” – an alert posture to fend off a sudden attack – including its elite Division 308, which guards the mountainous north.

The two countries fought a bloody border war in 1979. The likely flashpoint this time is in the South China Sea, where they have rival claims in the Spratly and Paracel archipelagos.     [FULL  STORY]