US senator warns: China’s preparing for World War III

China’s ominous and extensive military build-up in the South China Sea has all the hallmarks that it is “preparing for World War III”.

News Corp Australia Network
Date: January 31, 2019
By: Jamie Seidel

A Chinese J-11 fighter jet practices firing rockets at a weapons range. Military aircraft have not yet been stationed on Beijing’s island fortresses. Picture: PLASource:Supplied

Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma has said what many fear: China’s military build-up in the South China Sea looks as though it is “preparing for World War III”.

His blunt statement came during a Senate hearing yesterday discussing the new challenges being presented by Russia and China.

And Senator Inhofe isn’t happy about how the world has got to where it’s at.

He says the US sat back and watched as China staked its claim on the contested reefs and rocks, and did nothing as it turned them into artificial islands bristling with weapons and fortifications.

And the way it has muscled-in on this disputed territory has resulted in a significant change to the balance of power in South East Asia.    [FULL  STORY]