TikTok ‘makeup tutorial’ goes viral with call to action on China’s treatment of Uighurs

Teenager claims video sharing platform is censoring her posts, which TikTok denies

The Guardian
Date: 26 Nov 2019
By: Lily Kuo in Beijing

An American teenager who is using makeup tutorials on TikTok to spread awareness of China’s detention of at least a million Muslims in internment camps in Xinjiang has claimed her videos are being censored by the platform.

In a three-part series that has gone viral on the international version of the Chinese short video-sharing platform, Feroza Aziz, 17, begins by appearing to show viewers how to use an eyelash curler.

She instructs: “Then you’re going to put [the eyelash curler] down and use your phone … to search up what’s happening in China, how they’re getting concentration camps, throwing innocent Muslims in there, separating families from each other, kidnapping them, murdering them, raping them, forcing them to eat pork, forcing them to drink, forcing them to convert.”

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“This is another Holocaust, yet no one is talking about it. Please be aware, please spread awareness in Xinjiang right now,” she says, before turning back to the eyelash curling lesson. The post has more than 1.4m views on TikTok and has been widely shared on Twitter as well, where one post was viewed more than 5m times.

The teenager, who has said she is an Afghan-American from New Jersey, claims her account, @getmefamouspartthree has been censored in the past by TikTok. Her profile description reads: “Just a Muslim who wants clout. Got deleted last time”.

In one video she explains: “By the way I say this so TikTok doesn’t take down my videos.” She posted the same videos to Twitter and Instagram.    [FULL  STORY]