The great cover-up of China: Beijing punished covid whistleblower, claimed it came from US and ‘is STILL lying about death figures’ – so what CAN we believe from them?

  • Coronavirus is thought to have originated at market in Wuhan before spreading 
  • China initially tried to cover up the virus, and punished those reporting on it
  • Country then tried to claim that US troops brought the virus over to Wuhan 
  • Experts and politicians warn country is lying over infection and death totals 
  • Virus has now infected more than 800,000 people and killed almost 40,000 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Daily Mail
Date: 31 March 2020
By: Chris Pleasnce and Tracey You

China has lied and covered up key information during virtually every stage of

Li Wenliang
its coronavirus response – from the initial outbreak to the number of cases and deaths, and is still not telling the truth, observers, experts and politicians have warned.

Beijing initially tried to cover up the virus by punishing medics who discovered it, denying it could spread person-to-person and delaying a lockdown of affected regions – meaning early opportunities to control the spread were lost.

Then, once the virus began spreading, the Communist Party began censoring public information about it and spread disinformation overseas – including suggesting that US troops could have been the initial carriers.

Even now, prominent politicians have warned that infection and death totals being reported by the regime are likely to be wrong – with locals in the epicenter of Wuhan suggesting the true tolls could be ten times higher.

Here, Mail Online analysis of Beijing's actions lays bare the great cover-up of China:


Initial outbreak

Doctors in China, including Li Wenliang, began reporting the existence of a new type of respiratory infection that was similar to SARS in early December last year.

But rather than publicise the reports and warn the public, Chinese police hauled Wenliang and eight of his colleagues who had been posting about the virus online in for questioning.

Wenliang, who would later die from the virus, was forced to sign a document admitting the information he published was false.

While China has been widely-praised for a draconian lockdown that helped slow the spread of the virus, evidence suggests that the country could have acted much quicker to prevent the spread.

Dr Li Wenliang, one of the first Chinese medics to report the existence of the new coronavirus, was forced by police to confess to spreading false data. He later died from the virus.    [FULL  STORY]