Some municipalities are cracking down on Christmas following a national CCP directive. Bah humbug!

China’s Anti-Christmas Campaign Leaves Citizens Feeling Scrooged

The News Lens

Date: 2018/12/24
By: Oiwan Lam

Credit: Reuters / Jason Lee

Christmas is approaching but instead of feeling joyful, many in China have expressed frustration over China’s ideological campaign against Christmas as a Western festival.

In 2017, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s central committee and state council issued an official document entitled “Suggestions on the implementation of projects to promote and develop traditional Chinese culture excellence”. They outlined a cultural revival project that lists Chinese festivals like the Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival, among others, as cultural conventions worthy of celebration.

To implement this policy, Chinese authorities have launched a series of ideological campaigns to crack down on non-Chinese celebrations. This year, just before Christmas, authorities in some cities such as Langfang, in Hebei province, have demanded shops to remove Christmas decorations on the streets and in window displays.

Anti-Western festival commentaries have flooded Chinese social media, making Christmas celebrations a difficult choice for some who feel they must keep their joy a secret.

Weibo user Long Zhigao screen captured his WeChat newsfeed on Weibo to reveal aspects of the debate. The headlines on the feed are 1. Western festival is approaching. To celebrate or not, that’s the question. 2. I am Chinese and I don’t celebrate Western festivals. 3. Say no to the celebration of Western festivals on the school campus. 4. The party-state has banned Western festivals. The celebration of festivals is now a political issue.    [FULL  STORY]