Senior China adviser: Trump to blame for delays in securing final trade deal, says China has been ‘accommodating’

USA Today
Date: Oct. 12, 2019
By: Kim Hjelmgaard

RHODES, Greece – A senior adviser to China's government told USA TODAY on Saturday that multiple delays by the United States and China to reach a final, substantive trade deal are largely because of President Donald Trump's concerns about the 2020 election.

"Look, Christmas is coming. He wants to be president again. American consumers are not going to accept higher prices on all these goods. He can claim victory any time he wants but that doesn't mean he's won or that a deal has actually been reached," said Huiyao Wang, who spoke to USA TODAY on the sidelines of a geopolitical conference here.

Wang, who is not directly involved in the negotiations, was replying to questions about an emerging trade deal between the United States and China that Trump outlined Friday. Wang was appointed to China's state council in 2015 by China's Vice Premier Liu He, the country's second-in-command who was in Washington Friday for trade negotiations.

Trump has previously said he would insist on a full-blown trade agreement – not a piecemeal deal – that would settle long-running disputes over tariffs, currency rates, technology sharing and intellectual property laws. While a partial agreement could be campaign fodder, there is no indication he has tried to time the negotiations for political benefit. 

China: Donald Trump delays next round of China tariffs amid talks on limited trade deal

Trump said the U.S. and China have "agreed in principle" on a preliminary trade agreement. Trump acknowledged that differences remain on major issues on which the two countries are divided, but the White House still decided not to push ahead with a planned increased to tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods next week.

The move would have raised those tariffs to 30% from 25%.    [FULL  STORY]