NBA shows ‘no spine’ regarding China’s alleged human rights abuses: Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis

Fox News
Date: Oct 12, 2019
By: Charles Creitz

Clay Travis

The NBA, which has rarely hesitated to speak out on U.S. political matters in recent years, showed "no spine" this week when faced with an opportunity to denounce China's alleged human rights abuses, Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis said Friday.

"They have no spine when it comes to what's going on in China," Travis told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle."

"This is, I believe, the worst week that any pro sports league has had in my life," he added.

What started last weekend with a tweet from the Houston Rockets general manager, praising pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, devolved into a series of what critics viewed as mealy-mouthed statements from several NBA figures as they seemingly looked to avoid angering the communist government in Beijing.

The flap came while two of the league's teams — the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets — were in Shanghai for two preseason games and other scheduled events, several of which were ultimately canceled because of the controversy.