Hong Kong’s protesters have shown courage, creativity and thoughtfulness. Will the city still have a place for them when this is over?

  • It’s one thing to disagree with the protesters, but simply listening to them shows they are not mere thugs and rioters
  • Moreover, they may have done Hong Kong a service by exposing the ineptitude of our government and police

South China Morning Post
Date: 13 Aug, 2019
By: Peter Kammerer  

Beijing and its backers call the young Hong Kong protesters clashing with police separatists,

SCMP Columnist
Shades Off
by Peter Kammerer
independence-seekers and radicals.

They are without doubt lawbreakers and there is certainly a small number seeking self-determination.

But the majority also happen to be well-educated, intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, creative, thoughtful and all manner of other qualities, which seem in short supply among those in charge in our city.

If the authorities perceive them as troublemakers whose views don’t count, I’m sure that there are governments elsewhere only too happy to welcome their talents.

I’ve had a few encounters with some of the protesters, each time coming away more impressed. They are idealistic, yes, but not thoughtless as to the ramifications of their actions. The limits are being pushed to force authorities to buckle to demands and, if not,     [FULL  STORY]