Hong Kongers protest extradition law

TROJAN HORSE: A student said the government was not listening to people, while a coffee shop owner said speaking up was the only way to make their voice heard

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 10, 2019 

Huge crowds yesterday thronged Hong Kong as anger swelled over a plan to allow extradition to

People march along a main street in a protest against a proposed extradition law in Hong Kong yesterday.
Photo: AP

mainland China, a proposal that has sparked the biggest public backlash against the territory’s pro-Beijing leadership in years.

Tens of thousands of people marched in blazing summer heat through the cramped streets of the territory’s main island in a noisy, colorful demonstration calling on the government to scrap its planned extradition law.

Hong Kong’s leaders are pushing a bill through the legislature that would allow extraditions to any jurisdiction with which it does not already have a treaty — including China for the first time.

Coffee shop owner Marco Ng said he was closing his store to join the march.

“Our city matters more than our business,” the 26-year-old said. “If we don’t speak out, then there’s no way that the government will listen to our concerns.”

“The people’s voices are not being heard,” 18-year-old student Ivan Wong said. “This bill will not just affect Hong Kong’s reputation as an international finance center, but also our judicial system. That has an impact on my future.”    [FULL  STORY]