Hong Kong No Longer Has Autonomy on Immigration

The News Lens
Date: 2016/08/24
By: J. Michael Cole

In the current environment of uncertainty in Hong Kong, controls over who comes in and

photo credit: AP Photo/Vincent Yu/達志影像
photo credit: AP Photo/Vincent Yu/達志影像

who goes out will be used more frequently as an instrument by which to deny individuals contact with Hong Kong’s society.

Beijing never fully intended the “one country, two systems” formula to be a permanent fixture in its relationship with Hong Kong, and as tensions rise between the central government and the former British colony, control over who is allowed to enter the territory has become a hot issue.

Although Beijing never had a completely hands-off approach to immigration controls in Hong Kong, which had a certain degree of freedom to decide who could come in or not, its meddling in such decisions deepened markedly following Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement. Since then, several individuals have been denied entry into the territory.     [FULL  STORY]