Chinese influence surges at UN, as US warns of ‘concerted push’ to advance agenda

Fox News
Date: Jul 13, 2019
By: Ben Evansky, Adam Shaw | Fox News

UNITED NATIONS – The recent election of a Chinese official to a top U.N. organization is the latest sign of a steadily growing influence of China at the world body — something the U.S. is viewing as a “concerted push” by China to advance its interests and authoritarian agenda abroad.

Qu Dongyu, a Chinese government official, was elected as the next director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organization last month, meaning that Chinese officials now run four out of 15 specialized U.N. agencies. The U.S. does not head any of the 15 agencies, although it does lead related funds, such as UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP).


"I'm very grateful to my motherland, without 40 years of successful reform and an open door policy I would not have been who I am,” Qu Dongyu said after his election.

Dongyu’s victory at the FAO now sees Chinese officials heading the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO,) the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that deals with information and communication technologies, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which is responsible for development goals.

“China is definitely being more assertive at the U.N., in line with its status as the second biggest payer,” one U.N. diplomat told Fox News. “They use their partnership with developing countries to try to knock down what they don’t like, especially on human rights.

"Along with Russia, they challenge the rules-based international order which most of the world believes has made us safe and prosperous. So most of the world needs to be ready to push back. “