Chinese in Korea Have Found a Novel Way to Raise Awareness About the Tiananmen Massacre

Epoch Times
Date: June 8, 2015
By Jenny Li, Epoch Times and Larry Ong, Epoch Times

To get out the censored story of bloodshed in China to visiting Chinese in South

This file photo taken on June 2, 1989 /Getty Images)

Korea, China democracy activists tried a new method—the flash mob.

About 10 members from the China Democracy Party and the Federation for a Democratic China—activist groups formed by overseas Chinese residing in South Korea—gathered at the commercial district of Myeong-dong in Seoul, the nation’s capital, on May 31, according to nonprofit broadcaster Radio Free Asia (RFI).

After handling out leaflets bearing information about the massacre in Tiananmen Square to Chinese tourists, the Chinese activists quickly dispersed.

The group’s leader, Pu Chengxiu, told RFI that they resorted to flash mob tactics to get their message out to avoid arrest and deportation—none of the activists who participated in the activity have legal residency status in Korea.

Also, while South Korea is a democracy that allows strikes and protests, the police are known to be tough in dealing with overseas Chinese, according to RFI. Hence, the China democracy movement in Korea is relatively low key as compared to other places.     [FULL  STORY]


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