China’s Millionaires Are Leaving China

Yahoo News
By: Ben Halder

The jury may be out permanently on the old question of if money can buy happiness, but that

hasn’t stopped wealthy Chinese families from trying. There is a growing trend among China’s richest to use their wealth to move themselves and their families abroad. This is done primarily in the form of investment visas.

On the flip side, a number of countries are opening the doors to the estimated 1 million Chinese millionaires … provided they bring their money with them. It’s something of a bidding war in reverse, for which Australia wins the prize:

All it takes is
AU$5 million  (US$3.7 million)

of investment to apply for permanent residency.

Other countries are not nearly so greedy, although the different terms on offer make the price of a visa difficult to compare.     [FULL   STORY]


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