China’s ‘island chain’ plans: These islands define Beijing’s growing ambitions

Beijing’s not just keen to annex the South China Sea and Taiwan — it has its eyes set on whole other island chains to dominate the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

News Corp Australia Network
Date: February 25, 20191:43PM
By: Jamie Seidel

Beijing wants to be an international super power. To achieve this, it needs to carve out a vast swath of economic and military influence. And it has a plan.

A recent US Defense Intelligence Agency analysis of China’s growing strength and expanding international ambitions judged President Xi Jinping wants to project power far beyond its shores.

The China Military Power report delves into deep detail about what is known about Beijings capabilities and intentions.


“China is rapidly building a robust lethal force with capabilities spanning the ground, air, maritime, space and information domains designed to table to impose its will in the regional and beyond,” A DIA spokesperson told media at its launch.

Beijing is seeking to ‘unchain’ itself from what it sees as the shackles of Western cultural, military and economic dominance.

To do this, it has its eyes set on a series of five ‘island chains’ over which it seeks to exert its national interests. Any one of them could be the spark of an international crisis.

And the talk has been getting tough.    [FULL  STORY]