China to Ban Foreign TV During Primetime

The new rules — which also sharply limit the participation of Hollywood talent in China’s enormous TV indusry — continue Beijing’s broad crackdown on the content industry.
Escalating an aggressive crackdown on the content sector, China plans to drastically cut back on Hollywood participation in its massive television market.

The Hollywood Reporter
Date:  9/21/2018
By: Patrick Brzeski

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According to a new set of draft rules released Thursday, Beijing regulators will outlaw the broadcast of foreign TV shows during primetime and limit the volume of imported content that streams on China’s fast-growing video platforms.

As justification for the rules, regulators cited the “protection of social stability” and the need to guard against content that “deviates from core socialist values.”

China has worked to limit the “corrupting influence” of foreign content on the small screen for years, but the new rules appear to be the most stringent to date by far. Under the new rules, non-Chinese content will be limited to 30 percent of total air time both on streaming platforms and on broadcast TV.

The participation of foreign talent and industry professionals will also be curtailed. Foreign crew — whether writers, directors, DPs, actors or other roles — will be prohibited from comprising more than one-fifth of total staff on a Chinese TV drama. Also, a show’s writer and director will be forbidden from both being non-Chinese, and the leading actor and actress cannot both be foreigners.    [FULL  STORY]