China Takes Internet Censorship to New Level

China intends to ‘foster a healthy, positive Internet culture’ by purging comments by its nearly 700 million Internet users.

The News Lens
Date: 2016/06/22
By: Bing-sheng Lee

China is tightening censorship of online comments to eliminate what it calls “unhealthy information” nt4uov5yc41ili7kmztmand promote “helpful and well-intentioned” messages.

On June 22, the Cyberspace Administration of China issued a statement saying the strengthened measures would address “outstanding problems.”

Ren Xianliang (任賢良), deputy head of the administration, said the government intends to increase the rate of purges in comments sections and to provide easier access for people to report “inappropriate remarks.”

We must “proactively foster a healthy, positive Internet culture, and let cultured comment, rational posts and well-intentioned responses become the order of the day online,” Ren said.

Ren issued the orders to government-controlled commercial Internet companies and news websites during a nationwide video conference.
China has been actively supervising and regulating online speech for nearly two decades. In addition to filtering information circulated online, the government produces fake comments in a bid to influence and control Internet discussions.     [FULL  STORY]