China says it has developed a new radar system that can spot US stealth fighters at incredible distances

Business Insider
Date: June 12, 2019
By: Ryan Pickrell

A F-35C Lightning II

 US Navy/Chief Mass Communication Specialist Shannon E. Renfroe

China says it has developed an over-the-horizon maritime early warning radar that can detect stealth aircraft beyond visual range.

Liu Yongtan, the team leader for the radar project, told Chinese media that the radar emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves with long wavelengths and wide beams that stealth assets are not protected against.

The radar, known as China's "first line of defense," is said to be immune to anti-radiation missiles that can detect the point of origin for electromagnetic waves and are capable of eliminating radar targets.

While the system strengthens China's anti-access, area-denial capabilities, experts argue that there are certain limitations to its effectiveness against stealth fighters.    [FULL  STORY]