China must not shape the future of human rights at the UN

The Conversation
Date: April 22, 2020
By: Kyle Matthews, Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

While most of the world is occupied trying to manage the spread of the coronavirus, another frightening development is taking place at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

China, a known human rights abuser, is being given the power to influence the investigation of human rights issues around the world.

The non-governmental organization UN Watch recently revealed that the People’s Republic of China had been selected to join a special panel tasked with selecting the next group of special rapporteurs. This panel is responsible for assigning at least 17 positions over the next year that will oversee a whole slew of important human rights issues.

If China joins the panel, it will immediately have the power to appoint or nix global investigators on freedom of speech, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and health.    [FULL  STORY]