China is watching Western democracy eat itself

Date: April 28, 2019
By: Nic Robertson

(CNN)Over the next few months, the world’s current and previous superpowers are set to undergo enormous self-harm.
The biggest victim could be democracy itself, and the biggest losers the approximately 4 billion people who live in its imperfect embrace.
As London and Washington convulse, China belches along, gobbling up cultures in a way that should alarm us all.
This week, China’s future global dominance was on full display as foreign leaders headed to Beijing in the hope of securing lucrative projects as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

It is the flagship policy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and it seeks to bring the world into China’s economic embrace by building infrastructure on a mass scale, ultimately improving transport, ties with and reliance on China across the world.
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The promise of increased trade with what will soon be the world’s largest economy — not to mention the immediate prospect of the aforementioned contracts — are too tempting to ignore.
Xi is doing what all aspiring empires do, threading the world in a web of dependency, slowly creating dominion in other powers’ backyards.

His ambitious show in Beijing seems perfectly timed to exploit the self-inflicted political crises the United States and the UK are imposing on themselves.

In the United States, a presidential election campaign pitching President Donald Trump against a crowd of Democratic foes will be firing up in the coming weeks, particularly now that heavyweight contender Joe Biden has officially thrown his hat in the ring.

Meanwhile, the UK will continue a very public evisceration of centuries of democratic process and precedent by executing an excruciatingly painful exit from the European Union. Amusingly, the next deadline falls on Halloween.

These two nations may yet reverse their direction and show that the current political spasms are nothing more than a spike in democracy’s growing pains.

But blind faith in the democratic system we’ve grown up with blinkers us to the realities of how China, the world’s superpower-in-waiting, gets stronger through democracy’s misadventures.
Lesson here: Your overlords in the new world order won’t give a fig for your democratic values or your grandchildren’s rights and desires.    [FULL  STORY]