China is exporting repression beyond its borders

The Washington Post
Editorial Board, The Washington Post
Date: Jun. 10, 2015

IT IS common for tyrants to claim that human rights are an “internal matter” and should not concern outsiders. When faced with complaints that they deny people freedom to speak, protest, worship and vote, these autocrats like to say: Buzz off.

Shohret Hoshur
Shohret Hoshur

That’s how China’s leaders have responded for decades when called out for their abysmal record on human rights.

Yet Beijing is increasingly exporting its “internal matters” — the repression of critical or even independent voices — to other countries.

We noted previously how China used a computer attack in March to damage servers in the United States that enabled citizens to bypass the Great Firewall, that massive, smothering blanket imposed by the state on Internet freedom. Researchers in Canada concluded that Beijing has developed an offensive cyberweapon, dubbed “the great cannon,” to take down Web sites outside China to which it objects     [FULL  STORY]


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