China Approves Sweeping Security Law, Bolstering Communist Rule

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Date: JULY 1, 2015

BEIJING — The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it had enacted a new national security law, one that amounts to a sweeping command from President Xi Jinping to maintain the primacy of Communist Party rule across all aspects of society. The law is expected to bolster the power of the domestic security apparatus and the military.

The law says “security” must be maintained in all fields, from culture to education to cyberspace. A draft version of the law was released in May, leading to intense discussion about its long-term impact, but the version approved Wednesday is even wider in scope — adding, for instance, that security must be defended on international seabeds, in the polar regions and even in outer space.

The law is one of three that are being scrutinized by foreign leaders and corporate executives, who say Mr. Xi is moving to severely restrict the influence and actions of foreign organizations in China.

The other two laws are expected to be passed soon; one would regulate foreign nongovernmental organizations and place them under the oversight of the Ministry of Public Security, and the other is a counterterrorism law.     [FULL  STORY]


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