Cats are being boiled alive for their fur in China, says animal activist group

Asia One
Date: Dec 05, 2019
By: Kimberly Anne Lim

PHOTO: Facebook/AntiFurSociety

Stray cats and pets are often abducted by "cat thugs" who "grab all the cats they can", Anti-Fur Society said.

The animals are then sold to butchers who boil them alive and skin them in order to turn their fur into shoes, gloves and purses.

The post, which has over 127,000 shares at the time of writing, includes graphic images of cat pelts laid out on the ground, rows of cooked cats being hung up for sale and cages crammed full of animals.

PHOTO: Facebook/AntiFurSociety

Anti-Fur Society also appealed for donations to aid its cat sterilisation efforts and called for greater awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering in order to reduce the supply of cats in the industry.Many commenters were outraged by the cruelty and called for the boycott of all fur and leather products.    [FULL  STORY]