India – China Relations

Indian Army's high-altitude training arguably more suitable for armed mountain combat than MMA

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/06/29
By: Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Orphan competing for Enbo (center). (Pear video screenshot)\

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — China is adding more members of a controversial mixed martial arts (MMA) gym to the ranks of its border guards after a bloody melee broke out between Indian and Chinese soldiers two weeks ago.

On June 15, China National Defense News announced that former members of the Mount Everest Olympic torch relay team and fighters from an MMA gym called Enbo Fight Club were among new troops dispatched to Tibet. The next day, on June 16, a melee broke out between Indian and Chinese troops on a disputed stretch of border in the Ladakh region, with the Indian side suffering 20 dead and the PLA counting at least 35 slain, including a commanding officer.

As per previous agreements, neither side discharged firearms, but the Chinese allegedly used rusted metal rods with nails attached to them. The Indian side alleged that PLA troops had laid ambush to Indian soldiers, but during the course of the clash, some Indian troops were reportedly able to disarm their opponents and use their own weapons against them.

According to an Indian official, the Chinese soldiers were trying to implement the PLA's "Walk in Strategy" in the Galwan Valley. However, PLA troops were met with fierce resistance by Indian soldiers and had to evacuate "nearly 35 soldiers and officers," who were either wounded or killed in the melee.

The official said the "Chinese side lost the commanding officer of the battalion deployed near Patrolling Point 14 of the Galwan region where the two armies clashed." In addition, the government source said the battalion’s "second-in-command" was also killed in the clash.    [FULL  STORY]