CARTOON: Endless ‘Orwellian Nonsense’ and Weird ‘Weiplomacy’

The Chinese Communist Party is doubleplusgood at promulgating Chinese duckspeak.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/06/01
By: Stellina Chen

China’s “Orwellian nonsense” apparently knows no bounds.

The term was first leveled at the Chinese government in a White House press statement in relation to Beijing’s largely successful attempts to bully airlines to reference Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with descriptors indicating they were part of China.

The put down could equally be applied to the Communist Party of China’s, again disappointingly victorious, efforts to pressure multinational companies such as the Marriott hotel chain, Mercedes-Benz and Zara to change their websites to reference “Taiwan, China” or some similar designation.

Taiwan is of course a sovereign country with its own independently functioning democratic government.

In many cases, the companies involved also apologized for this “mistake” in failing to recognize China’s territorial integrity, with Gap producing the standout capitulatory performance in offering a profuse mea culpa for selling a t-shirt emblazoned with a map of China that did not include Taiwan, southern Tibet and various Chinese claims in the South China Sea.

The kicker was that the t-shirt was being sold online to customers in Canada, leading to strongly worded editorials lambasting China’s ability to enforce its will on companies operating overseas, even down to the way they design their products.

This CCP tactic of press ganging private companies circumvents governments’ ability to resist, particularly as most are viciously morally compromised when it comes to their stance on China’s human rights abuses.    [FULL  STORY]