Australian Uyghur Father Desperate for Reunion with His Wife and Son Trapped in Xinjiang

China's Uighur detention camp policy has separated millions of families.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/07/19
By: William Yang

Photo Source: Sadam Abudusalamu

Dozens of Uyghurs in Australia have come out to share stories about their family being trapped in Xinjiang, including Sadam Abudusalamu.

Since China rolled out its re-education camp policy in Xinjiang, Abudusalamu has been forcefully separated from his two-year-old son Lutfy and wife Nadila Wumaier. They are currently trapped in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi, living in constant fear that the police might take Wumaier into one of the re-education camps at any time. Abudusalamu has been desperately trying to get his family to Australia in the last two years, but the process has been filled with obstacles and challenges.

“I’ve been living in fear for the past two years because I don’t know what might happen to my family tomorrow,” Abudusalamu said. “Am I able to speak to my wife and son tomorrow? Where’s my son going to be if my wife was detained again?”

Abudusalamu moved to Australia for high school in 2009, several months before violent clashes between Uyghurs and government troops broke out in Xinjiang. He sought asylum soon after he arrived and became an Australian citizen in 2013. He met Wumaier in middle school and kept in touch through phone calls and texts over the years. In August 2016, he married Wumaier in Xinjiang. Over the next few months, they traveled to the United States and Turkey for honeymoon while visiting family members abroad.    [FULL  STORY]