America can meet the challenge of China with education and innovation

Fox News
Date: January 20, 2018
By: Herb London | Fox News

Is a new Cold War with China brewing?
China continues to build up its military force in response to the administration’s America First policy; Jennifer Griffin reports for ‘Special Report.’
The “new world order” espoused by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama assumed that if the world’s major powers welcomed China as a major player in global affairs it would become a well-behaved member of the international community. Unfortunately, the assumption was wrong.

China has made clear that it has its own agenda and will pursue its objectives aggressively, regardless of what others think. So much for all the post-Cold War optimism about changing China’s behavior.

China’s immediate goal is regional mastery, achieved by driving the U.S. out of the western Pacific. Chinese ships and planes have harassed American ships and planes operating in international waters and airspace to achieve this goal – despite the risk of a collision and a possible military confrontation.

And despite its dubious territorial claims in the South China Sea – including some rejected by the United Nations’ International Court of Justice – China has continued to dominate its region and infringed on territorial claims of some of its neighbors, including Vietnam and the Philippines.

In addition, China has applied its self-righteous policies with muscle-flexing to advance its Silk Road Initiative and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The Silk Road Initiative (also known as the One Belt, One Road Initiative) is an ambitious plan to build a $1.4 trillion network of modern trading routes connecting China and parts of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa with new high-speed trains, roads, ports, airports, pipelines and telecommunications.    [FULL  STORY]