China announces effective drug for “Corona” within hours

Date: 2020/01/26

und to treat the country's "Corona" virus, which has killed 56 people and more than a thousand infections.

"The medicine will be available free of charge in the coming hours," said the Minister of Health , Ma Jiaowei.

" The medicine is in the final stages of testing before it starts to be used for humans,” he added.

The new Corona virus continues spreading in different parts of the world, after it came out of the Chinese city of Wuhan, and reached Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia.

Several countries announced the registration of a case of infection, the last of which was in Canada, which announced that the public health authorities in Toronto had received the first confirmed case of "Corona" virus in a resident who had recently returned from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

According to Reuters, the public health authorities said in a statement that "this person is in stable condition and is being treated in hospital."

For its part, Britain warned on Saturday its citizens from traveling to the Chinese province of Hubei due to the outbreak of the virus there.    [FULL  STORY]