Video of Human Rights Lawyer Yu Wensheng Highlights China’s Abuse of Detainees

Video evidence recorded by Chinese human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng prior to his detention contradicts Chinese authorities’ claims that he has voluntarily dismissed legal representation.

The News Lens
Date; 2018/04/26
By: David Green
Credit: Yu Wensheng

Video evidence has emerged that suggests China is either torturing suspects to force them to forego legal representation or misleading the public about their decisions, adding fuel to an international flare-up up over the government’s abuse of domestic law and international conventions against torture.

The video shows human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng attesting that he would “never give up the right to hire his own lawyer” nor “accept the lawyer designated by the government, unless I am tortured.”

It also confirms that Yu, one of China’s most prominent human rights lawyers and an outspoken advocate for political reform who endured almost 100 days in police custody in 2014-15, had previously passed power of attorney to his own lawyers, Liang Xiaojun and Zhang Weiyu.

“If they are not able to represent me, then my wife has the right to choose the lawyer for me,” the statement adds.    [FULL  STORY]