Democracy activists, alleging police brutality and widespread harassment from pro-Beijing thugs, have called on Hong Kongers to take to the streets this afternoon.

The Nwews Lens
Date: 2017/07/01
By: Edward White
[Additional reporting by AFP]

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong say they are facing an unprecedented level of intimidation from

Credit: The News Lens / Edward White

police and pro-Beijing thugs as Chinese President Xi Jinping concludes his three-day trip to the city.

An attempted protest march in Wan Chai, downtown Hong Kong, was shut down by police this morning after pro-Beijing supporters attacked a small group of democracy activists. The tense, and at times violent, standoff lasted less than one hour before police vans were brought in to remove the pro-democracy activists, several of whom say they were assaulted by police before being let go without charge.

“What we’ve experienced this weekend was a whole new level of intimidation and direct violence,” activist Avery Ng says.    [FULL  STORY]