Chinese Scientists Speak Out Against the Great Firewall (Again)

Chinese scientists have spoken out again on how the Great Firewall is slowing down research and blocking access to critical international data, urging authorities to take action.

The News Lens
Date: 017/03/18
By: Oiwan Lam

Chinese scientists have periodically spoken out against the national web filtering system, often termed “the Great Firewall,” which blocks and censors web traffic from overseas websites. It damages research, they say.

Image Credit: Illustration Works / Corbis / 達志影像

But their voices have been dismissed — and deleted — again and again.
The latest criticism came from Luo Fuhe, vice-chair of the national advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Ahead of the annual Two Sessions of the CPPCC and National People’s Congress, Luo, who is also the vice chair of a minority political party under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Association for Promoting Democracy, submitted a proposal urging the government to improve loading speeds for overseas websites. The proposal was based on a study that was conducted by his party.

A journalist from followed the news and his report on Luo’s statement was distributed via various news outlets in China. Within a few days, however, overseas media began to pick up the report, and reports on local media portals relating to Luo’s proposal were swiftly taken down. Nevertheless, his proposal is still circulating on Chinese social media and has overwhelmingly been backed by Chinese netizens.    [FULL  STORY]